Welcome to the very first episode of the Operation Transformation Podcast!

Operation Transformation Podcast is where busy Momma’s can come to learn how to stop living their life struggling on autopilot. Instead of turning to food, sugar, wine, naps or coffee to survive busy days…

You’ll learn how to empower yourself by upgrading your mindset, gaining control over emotions, letting go of daily struggles with food and negative body image.

Join me each week while I share my struggles of being an overwhelmed Momma suffering from uncontrollable emotions, crazy addiction to sugar and obsession with food and negative mindset…

To how I’ve become a more productive Momma living her life to the fullest by conquering these struggles and the craziness of her mind in order to live a life of peace.

As I mentioned, I’m a Mom, so expect to hear some little interruptions from my kiddos, maybe some sneezes and hiccups and for sure some actionable steps for you to take after each episode.

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