We all have messes. Some of our messes are bigger than others. Some of our messes we keep to ourselves while some of them we share. Well, my friends, you get to hear all about my messy health background that led me to where I am at today and led to my passion to spread the word to help others.

I’m talking about my struggle with food and addiction to sugar, rabies vaccines, miscarriage and babies, motherhood struggles, hives, frequent infections, yeast infections, awful gut health, ingrown toenails… you name it… I may just mention it! These were some physical symptoms my body was screaming at me, but it took me awhile to finally listen & dig to the root of the problem. Which was mainly due to my uncontrollable emotions. Emotions that I had no clue how to deal with, how to process and how to work through. But, I did know how to turn to food in order to eat my emotions, stuff them down and to make sure I didn’t have to feel them.

We are where we are at today because of our past decisions and those decisions were made with the knowledge and tools that we had at that time. When we learn the proper tools to address our emotions, process our emotions and work through them… we find so many amazing side effects. Like, our relationship with food changes, our life stops running on autopilot or we stop numbing out because we feel so overwhelmed.

When you finally have the tools to help you overcome these struggles and transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary, that is when your transformation journey begins. But, you have to start somewhere.

This podcast, you get to see where my messy health background and how I’ve turned it into my message.

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