“You can’t think your way out of your fight with food…. You need to feel… You need to feel in order to heal.” This quote by Sam Skelly was so foreign to me because I always believed that I could think my way or plan my way through everything.  I’ve always been trained to get up in my head & think think think- plan plan plan. I never even knew that “feeling” your way through your struggles or fight with food would actually help to solve the problem. Our society teaches you to stuff your feelings, hide your pain, be more “manly” and don’t show how you feel.

So, what do I really mean by feeling your way out of your fight with food. Listen in on the scenarios I chat with you about in today’s podcast. I’m all about explaining things with real-life examples. That’s just how my mind operates so you’ll have to get use to it!

You’ll learn that instead of thinking and over-analyzing and plan-plan-planning, begin to observe & be more aware of your feelings, your emotions and your sensations. Typically, we go to external measures to fill our needs, instead of meeting them internally. But, it is only when we reach within, when we start to feel, that we will be able to heal. When we start to heal, this is what will lead to a lasting transformation and not another quick fix fad.

Today’s action step: How do you want to feel in your life? When you vision your self being a Mom, wife, co-worker, friend, business owner, wearing your favorite outfit, doing your favorite activity… how do you want to feel?

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