If you are anything like me, you had no clue that your body could operate in two different parts. I always thought of my body as one and all operating as one. I can look back and remember so many times when I would feel like a “different person”. Like when I would go on my binge eating and would eat without control and felt like there was absolutely no willpower to stop. Or when I would be so snappy and irritable with my kiddos. Or what about turning to naps or sleeping because I literally needed a break from the chaos that I felt like I couldn’t handle.

The two pieces we will learn about in this episode is our mind and our body. Most often these two are at war together, but it is our goal that they work in harmony with each other. It’s in these moments when we are disconnected that we are not living the life we were created to live. Living disconnected will eventually lead to numbing out in your way of choosing (food, sleep, social media, Netflix, drugs, alcohol, etc.). These habits likely will not lead us closer to our best self or the person who we desire to be. That’s why you need to understand what disconnection means and be curious on the ways that you disconnect. By becoming aware we then can make actionable steps to not live disconnected in order to live a life most in alignment with your best self.

Action Step: Start to be curious on how your life would be different if you lived a life being present and in tune with your body compared to living your life on autopilot with your mind racing wild.

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