Jais curry started her career cleaning yachts and working her summers at a boatyard. Now you can find her as an Operation Engineer at a major energy company working out on the water and in a male dominated field. She is passionate about bringing her confidence, grit and skills from her career to help other women succeed by up leveling their mindset and a plan to do it. In this podcast she shares with us how you can start to master your mind to help accomplish your goals… and for us ladies in the Operation Transformation Podcast tribe….we can utilize these tips to help us kick our habit struggling on autopilot and how we need to learn how to be curious!

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Action Step:  Curiosity ladies! When you are feeling down, sluggish, crabby, irritable, negative…. Stop and start asking yourself questions to engage your curiosity on what is really going on in your body and mind at that time. When we allow ourselves to be curious, we then allow ourselves to become aware of our feelings and our emotions. This curiosity is a stepping stone in our transformation journey to stop living our life on autopilot!

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