I had the amazing opportunity to travel abroad and serve in Jamaica with this beautiful soul this past February with the Traveling with a Purpose group! Teresa Gillen and I were roommates during this one week service trip and between long bus rides commuting, working with the kiddos together and chatting in our room…I quickly realized how much knowledge, wisdom and passion this lady has for her career in occupational therapy, kiddos and just life in general.

I was so blessed to be able to pick her brain and learn from her tips and techniques that are soothing and comforting for kiddos! I had to have her as a guest to share them with you all as well. Because, let’s face it… when our kids are struggling… we are struggling. When our kids are unhappy… it’s really hard for us to be happy. I find it so interesting that hearing a different perspective on things (like parenting) can get you curious on how you can implement this into your daily life. We chat about a variety of things: from tips at the dinner table, eating those veggies, temper tantrums, routines, attention to how we can apply touch to calm them down! It is so so good ladies!

A few things we addressed in this episode and links:

Prio Health: Revolutionizing the way we address learning and behavior through MeMoves for kids


Adventures in Veggieland: Help your Kids learn to Love Vegetables with 100 easy activities and recipes

Action Step:  It’s so hard to choose one action step, right!? But, let’s stick to food and starting to enjoy those veggies again! I’m loving the Veggieland recipe and activity book that Teresa recommended! Even if you don’t have it, we all have Pinterest! Go on over and choose ONE recipe this week that is new, you’ve never tried and has veggies in it! If you are anything like me… it’s not just my kiddos that should eat more veggies… I do too! Choose a recipe that looks good, isn’t difficult to make and choose a night that you will make it. What day will you get groceries, what items do you need, when will you prep for it? I fall into autopilot mode when I think trying something new is too difficult or too much work and end up eating the same things over and over and over again. This gets boring and we all get sick of the same things. So implementing one new recipe each week allows you to slowly change, try some new things and add items to your meal rotation if your family enjoys it!

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