If what you are currently doing isn’t working- then you need to make changes! Typically, we will try to change their behaviors to obtain a goal. For example: turning external to get what we want by dieting, changing our meal plan, working out. Usually the behaviors will change for a short time, but then quickly we fall off the wagon (For example, diet/binge/diet/binge). Why is this? Because we have never changed our beliefs.

This is not about WILLPOWER it’s about beliefs. It is not that you can’t do it, it’s just that your beliefs are not in alignment with your actions. We need to work backwards to determine what beliefs you have that are triggering these cycles to occur.

For today’s episode- I’m going to give you a TON of examples! I think it’s easier to comprehend this tool by examples then just teaching it to you. The goal is for you to apply these examples to help you decipher your beliefs and how to up level them. By changingyour belief, it will change your thoughts, which changes your feelings which will then lead you to taking different actions and therefore achieving a different result.

We’ve lived with these beliefs for YEARS! So, it’s not a quick fix and often times we like to protect ourselves from our true beliefs. Let’s go over some more examples so you can get a better understanding of this.






It takes time to go through these to decipher why you have beliefs and where your action stem from. This is why I’m hosting a free workshop in the Western WI area on June 21st. If you are in the metro area or Western WI area- I would love for you to join us! This will be a part of our workshop- going through our beliefs and how to change them in order to live a life with a lasting transformation. So, if you are interested connect with me and let’s see if this workshop is great fit for you!

Action Step: What is one belief that you struggle the most with? Journal out what thoughts arise, what feelings do you notice? How does this show up in your actions that you take and then what is your result?  This podcast is useless if you just listen to me- you need to apply!  Get out that journal and start writing! Then if you are in the area- connect with me please! Join me with my workshop coming up in a few weeks so we can dig deeper into this area!


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