Our imagination when we are kiddos is endless and then as we age and grow into adulthood…. our imagination can cease. We fall into living a life on autopilot and often times wonder how in the world did I get here? I hope that this podcast can inspire you to imagine again. This time, to imagine and vision your best self. Who is this person you strive to be? Strive to become? For myself, my best/most authentic self is in alignment with God’s word. The more work I do in the Hungry for Happiness certification program, the more I realize that transforming my life living on autopilot means spending time transforming my spiritual journey and taking action from what would my best self do, compared to what do I want to do. This doesn’t mean that we are perfect, but it does mean that we strive to not live a life struggling on auto pilot and turning to food, wine, social media or other external things to meet our needs.

One of my biggest obstacles has been my obsession and addiction to food. I relied on food more than God and I would crave food more than God. I’ve learned to rise up from the battle with food and utilize the strength and tools that God has provided us. So many of us feel overweight physically, but underweight spiritually. When we open up to not just focusing on changing our physical part of us, but spend time digging deep into the spiritual and mental journey- this is where lasting transformation can begin. Our desire to overcome struggles with food is not just so we feel better or look better. But, it truly is about transforming our thoughts and beliefs to acknowledge that this is so much bigger than we can imagine. By upgrading our mindset, having faith and taking action- we can live our best most authentic self that is not only in alignment with God’s desire for your life, but also brings you to that person that you have visioned, that you right now can only imagine. But, the imagination and vision can become present if we do the work, take action and come from a place of love.

“Use me, God, show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Action Step: Get out that journal!! None of us are perfect and we will never will. But, it’s OK to work towards improving ourselves when our intention and heart is in the right place. So, when you vision your best self…. who is that person? What version of you needs to show up in order to get closer and closer to this best self. If you have no idea where you are headed, then you have no clue how close you are getting. When we aren’t crystal clear on our vision, this is when we easily slip into autopilot mode.

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