When we are on a mission to overcome our struggles with food: binge eating, emotional eating, overeating, etc. we need to be aware of the communication our body gives us through visceral intelligence of yes or no. Listen in to hear what this means and how to tell the difference in your body.

Why is this important? Because we can utilize this daily with our food choices to discern if we are truly hungry (physical hunger cue) or if we are eating for emotional hunger. The foods that we are eating, does our body really crave them or is it our mind thinking we need it to fill an emotional hunger cue?

I LOVE this blog post that goes more in depth about visceral yes and no. Check it out here:


Action Step:  Ask yourself questions that allow you to notice the difference in how you feel with a visceral yes questions and visceral no questions. Then, journal out how your body lets you know you are hungry due to physical hunger or emotional hunger.

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