Bobbi Jo Lierman is a busy Momma to three adorable kiddos. She is a stay at home/ work from home Momma who utilizes her passion for serving others through her love and knowledge of essential oils. In this podcast we chat about how our thoughts determine the projectory of our day. So, when we are able to change our thoughts, we can actually change our life.

A few key points that we discuss deeper in this episode are:

  • Life is happening for you, not to you
  • How we can respond instead of reacting and understanding what is the difference between the two
  • How control affects our relationships & the importance of letting go. How your relationship can be strengthened by this process
  • Changing your viewpoint of challenges to they are exciting, there is a lesson and a place for growth
  • Lessons will be repeated until learned
  • Soothing technique to help kiddos or even yourself before bed time. Tap on their sternum or they can and repeat after you…. I am safe, I am letting go and moving on 5 times
  • Topics to chat about with kiddos at bedtime to help chat about their day, address their emotions and how situations unfolded
  • If you say so…. no really if you say it’s going to be hard, stink, not work, this or that… you are right. Change your thoughts and change your end result
  • This is a journey and enjoy the process
  • Overcoming the addiction to struggle mentality

Action Step:   Practicing living your daily life getting out from your busy head and into your body which is more present, calm. Ways to practice this would be to set reminders in your phone or schedule out some quiet time for her during your day so you can either do some journaling, meditations or breathwork.

Write a love note to yourself, seal it, stamp it and give it to a friend or a few friends to mail to you at any day that they wish. They could make it the next week, a few months later or maybe several months to over a year later. The intention is that when this stamped and sealed love note randomly arrives to you- it will be the exact right time that you will need these words.

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