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So- digging deep in my struggles with binge eating, over eating, addiction to sugar. I always thought this would be something that I would struggle with my entire life, but I wasn’t satisfied with this way of life.

When I was left with my favorite Pink drink being discontinued and this had drastically helped me with my binge eating, sugar cravings and amount of food I was eating…

I felt lost. I felt hopeless. I felt depressed. I felt angry- how could they discontinue it and where in the world do I go from here!?

But, everything happens for us, in God’s perfect timing and I would not be here today had it not been for this amazing opportunity and growth in my life.

So what did I do when I no longer could drink the Pink!? I invested in a 10 month program to dig deep into why we do the things we do, why do we turn to food, what needs are we trying to fill, why do we feel like we have no control over food and SO MUCH MORE!!

Now- after 7 months, I get to share how my life is now after overcoming this huge obstacle in my life. Listen in to get all the deets!

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Action Step:   What thoughts go through your head when you want to binge eat? What feelings do you have that drive you to binge eat? How do you feel while you are binging and how do you feel after you are done binge eating?
We get to grow only through awareness. We get to grow through FEELING!! That means no more suppressing!!!

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