Fall 2018 as I was listening to a Matt Chandler bible study (James bible study https://youtu.be/8GyzT3sQsTc ) and he was discussing anger and how he struggled with being an angry person and asked questions that allowed me to realize that I WAS SUCH AN ANGRY PERSON! Seriously- a little trigger from my kiddos or something small happening and I would explode. I never understood why in the world would I react this way.

This was not the way I wanted to live as a mom, wife, friend, sister or daughter.

First, we chat about how did we experience anger when we were children? Did you think it was a positive thing to have this emotion? And then we dig into how aggression plays into anger and how this is truly what we want to steer clear from.

So- once we learn about the anger emotion, then we chat about how in the world can we become ladies or Momma’s that don’t freak out at everything, lose our crap and act in ways that we really don’t stinking want to! Just like everything I chat about in my podcast- it is NOT an overnight fix. But, by taking daily action and implementing a few practices regularly, there is hope that when something triggers you…. You no longer react in rage and anger like you use to.

Listen up folks! I hope you enjoy. Anger hits home with me because this is something, I have struggled with for years subconsciously and firmly believe that most other Momma’s can relate too. Being a Mom is hard. The patience that we learn to have, the boundaries that our kids test us and the realization that so many things are out of our control can all lead us to being triggered with anger and even aggression unless we overcome & work through this emotion properly.

So- screw you anger- we no longer need you ruling our lives and making us feel like we are freak out Momma’s!!!

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Action Step:   Journal out what overflows your water jug so when something happens or comes up and adds water to your jug…. You over flow. You freak out. You lose your crap. So, what are those things that have made you angry in the past or maybe still currently do. Then- we get to the good part- taking action to start dumping out all of that water that keeps our jug so flipping full, so we allow space in our container. When we have space, then when we are triggered… we no longer over flow or freak out because we have taken the time to fully process and release this past/current anger. We release this emotion through being intential with movement (runs, workout, punching a boxing bag, doing some kick boxing moves, etc.) while listening to some kick butt music, punching your pillows, smacking a pool noodle at your bed or onto your floor or maybe it’s screaming your head off in your car so no one else can hear you. You NEED to just get this emotion flowing and out of you. It is NOT needed to put a specific time or memory that caused you anger. You can do this activity when you are NOT angry, and this will allow you to pour out that water in your jug to allow you more space. Remember, this takes time. So, give yourself some grace and patience as you work on this!

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