You don’t want to miss this episode ladies! Listen in to hear Hannah chat about her struggles with anxiety, postpartum depression and how incorporating some self-love into her daily routine has transformed her life.

Life as a Mom…is hard. The life that we had pre-kiddos can easily be sweeped under the rug with the changes of a screaming (and smiling!!) baby, breast feeding, pumping whenever we can, managing meal plan, grocery shopping, meal prep, house cleaning, laundry, working outside or at our homes and the list goes on. We find that we easily lose ourselves. The anxiety can creep in. We notice we have more gloomy days then bright days. We think there is something wrong with us. We no longer do things that we use to enjoy because we believe that we don’t have any flipping time anymore!!!! Then what happens…. We fall into this trap and feel like we are living our life on autopilot and now how we had envisioned it.

Listen in to hear how adding in some self-love habits and being intentional with doing this regularly can literally transform our life. What we thought we had no time for is actually the exact things that we need to focus on during this stage in our life.

Hannah is a busy Momma to two adorable kiddos and is a LEO (law enforcement officer) wife. Make sure you connect with Hannah on Facebook!!

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Hannah’s Facebook Profile: http://bit.ly/2T32sXC

Action Step:   What things did you enjoy when you were younger? What activities did you like to do? What things do you miss doing? Be curious about these things, because these will guide you to what you can start to implement in your own life now to allow you some “you” time and some selfcare love! For Hannah- it was painting her nails once a week! What will you choose!?

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