I dare you to use these two phrases….life changing!

I’m in the process of…….

I’m experiencing the sensation of ……..

Often times we identify with a certainty emotion- like anxiety ( I am anxious) or anger (I am an angry Mom). When we have these beliefs we utilize that tool I taught you in an earlier episode called BTFAR so you can see how this one belief ultimately determines our end result.  And how when we identify as (for example I have anxiety) compared to being an observer of our sensations (I am experiencing sensations of anxiety) how this will change our end behavior and result. So so good ladies!

BELIEF: I am an angry Mom
THOUGHTS:  I am so angry, I’m an awful Mom, why can’t I change, why do I have to be so mean, why am I so cranky, I stink at this, I can’t believe I’m acting this, I can’t stop, I can’t change, I have no willpower, I’ve lost control, etc.
FEELINGS: Down, depressed, anxious, irritable, bitter, frustrated, sarcastic, furious, hostile, insulting, short tempered, agitated, mad, etc.
ACTION: Freak out at our kids, lose our crap, yell, scream, silent treatment, angry looks, etc.
RESULT: Addicted to the struggle and not the Mom who we want to be, but feel like we are hopeless and doubt change.

Listen in to see how when we change our belief how we can change our life and how utilizing these key phrases can help us transcend and grow into our best self.

Action Step:   What are the looming negative Nelly thoughts are looming in your head? Note those thoughts and journal them out. Now, put this negative thought into the BTFAR tool above to determine what is your core belief, what are the feelings associated with this and then what actions and result ends up? THEN! The best part…. Change it up! Change your belief to I’m in the process of _______ (becoming a healthier eater, becoming a better Mom, growing as a person, overcoming my anger with my kids or my husband, overcoming binge eating, overcoming my love and need for sugar, etc). OR use I’m experiencing the sensation of _______ instead of using the terms “I am an angry Mom.” “I have anxiety” “I am always sad” etc. I’m experiencing the emotion of anger/ anxiety/ sadness. So we are NOT identifying with it, but we are being the observer of the emotion and choosing a different belief that is in alignment with our best self therefore our end result will be in alignment.

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