I had heard this idea of taking cold showers from multiple areas- Pinterest, personal growth speakers like Tony Robbins and even in the Hungry for Happiness Certification program. But, why? How in the world could taking a cold shower truly benefit me.

Listen in. It’s so much more then you think. Imagine starting to take cold showers and having a side effect that it reduces your binge eating/over eating/ addiction to sugar/ etc. No way!? Right….. But, seriously. It truly can. Changing my relationship to pain and the ability to increase my pain threshold has DRASTICALLY impacted my relationship to binge eating and food in general.

Action Step:   Start taking cold showers! Start today- slowly increase the length of time and see how you feel after taking it. Not just one day, but several days. How alive do you feel after you get out of the shower? How does it feel that you allowed yourself to trust your body in that moment when you really wanted to get out, but you stayed in that cold shower? Can you see the correlation between changing our relationship with pain and how this affects our binge eating, sugar addiction or other numbing out strategies?

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