One of my all time fav books is Hal Elrod Miracle Morning- the not so obvious secret to transform your life before 8am. Check out the links below! I have mine on Audible and I’ve already listened to it a few times over the past year!



What is the Miracle Morning? It is when you choose what time you GET to wake up. Not what time you HAVE to get up because of your kiddos waking. I have little ones- so once they are up… I am up. I always woke up irritated, felt rushed and really disliked mornings. I also found that I felt like the most important things in my life never got done. By the time I got to the end of the night, I was exhausted and the thought of working out or doing a meditation seemed unimaginable.

Until, I read this book and changed up my morning routine. I feared that I would be too tired, that I would have less energy and that it would be a waste of time. I quickly found out that I actually had way more energy and my time felt more abundant. I found that by working out first thing in the morning got my energy rising and this greatly impacted the rest of my day. Knowing that I checked off my list my most important tasks first thing in the morning meant that I started my day when my kiddos woke up already feeling accomplished instead of running around with my head cut off.

Listen in to see what the Miracle Morning consists of and how you can start implementing these steps in your life ASAP!

Action Step:   Get the Miracle Morning book ASAP! It is a game changer! Then start implementing it ASAP! Forget the 5 steps? Here they are SAVERS: 1) S: SILENCE: meditation, prayer or breathwork 2) A: AFFIRMATIONS- Read over your affirmations and most importantly using the phrase “I’m in the process of…” He gives more awesome examples in his book!! 3) V- VISUALALIZE your goals. I have that 4×6 cheap photo book where I have insterted pictures of my future, my intentions and my goals. I then also journal this out when I’m doing the scribing section 4) EXERCISE- Get moving. Even if it is 20 jumping jacks. 5) READ- Develop your mind and expand your knowledge 6) SCRIBE- Write down your thoughts by journaling and reflecting.

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