Ahh!! This message was recorded in beautiful San Diego, California while us ladies joined forces for the Pause Breathwork facilitator training! We share with you why we use breathwork in our daily lives, why we are passionate about helping others and our biggest take aways from our week together!

Pause Breathwork

You may be wondering… what in the world is this and why should I care? So here you go….

What is Pause? 

Pause Breathwork was created by Samantha Skelly and it is using your breath in a specific pattern in order to bring a state change. For example, us busy Momma’s can often times feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, tired, frustrated- you name it…we’ll experience it.  But we feel stuck. We feel like we can’t get ourselves out of this state. So instead of turning outward like a product or a medication, we can learn to use the power of our breath to help us stop living our life on autopilot.

We can either use breath in a meditative state where we do a specific pattern for 15-30 minutes or we can use it integrative where we utilize it throughout the day. I recommend doing both!

Why should you care? 

Are you addicted to the struggle? You know freaking out at your kids, yelling, being angry? Or how about that fight with food? Addicted to sugar and you feel like you just can’t stop eating? You are so freaking tired and overwhelmed you don’t know where to turn? I hear you; I’ve been there. I know what this is like. It’s. Not. Freaking. Cool.

  • What if we didn’t have to live our life on autopilot turning to food, sugar, naps, coffee, wine in order to survive our day (PS this doesn’t mean you can’t have these things, we learn it’s all about the intention behind why we are turning to these things so calm the freak down!!!)
  • What if we could get immediate stress reduction and anxiety relief?
  • What if you didn’t have to struggle and fight with food?
  • What if we could respond to our kiddos instead of reacting out of anger by yelling and freaking out?
  • What if we could be calmer?
  • What if we showed up as the women we want to be in the marriage that we are in?
  • What if we showed up as the Mom we want to be to our kiddos that we are blessed with?
  • What if you could actually connect with your emotions? When was the last time you actually felt? If you are anything like me, you’ve lived your life numb to feeling and pushing those feelings down as far as you possible can. Spoiler alert- what we resist persists.
  • What if we could release those built up emotions and trauma that have been stuck inside our body for years?
  • What if we could have more energy and clarity?
  • What if?

Unlike most breathing practices where the goal and outcome is relaxation, with Pause Breathwork, relaxation and connection is an after effect and its intention is for healing, transformation and growth.

Meet today’s guests:

Tanya Saunders wife, mom, nurse anesthetist, network marketer, podcaster and soon to be Pause Breathwork facilitator obsessed with helping moms to have healthy relationships with their emotions, get clarity, dream and to live everyday like it matters.

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Jenell Consorti, LMBT (licensed massage and bodywork therapist), is a transformation Coach, using bodywork, breathwork and emotional repatterning to help clients work through fears and limiting beliefs to let their true soul shine. She is graduating from the Hungry for Happiness Certification program in November and is excited about bringing this work to the masses.

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