If you struggle with life on autopilot, then you likely fall into running around with your head chopped off more times then not. Chaotic. Barely getting by. Does it relate to you!? Because this was my every day for YEARS!

Often times, I wish I would have paid more attention to school back in the day. Because this whole concept of energy and how it’s transferred specifically between people and their emotions and how it affects others is so stinking interesting! Who would have thought that if you aren’t being conscious that you can actually pick up other people’s emotions like anxiety, overwhelm, anger, etc. AND how this really can contribute to our life on autopilot living chaotic, overwhelmed and exhuasted. If this is still making you wonder how it relates to you, think about a time when you were with someone and you are feeling great, happy, peaceful and having a great day. And then you meet someone who is furious, talking bad, swearing, gossiping and on a rampage. How do you feel after being with this person!? Because I use to leave feeling the way they were projecting onto me and felt like I had no control! But, learning how we can actually live our life and shield or protect ourselves from other projected emotions from others that can drain is a game changer!

Check out this podcast with Christine to hear about the power of energetics, what does it mean to be grounded and how can we live from this way to protect ourselves so we can shine our light bright and not let others dim our light and drain our energy.

Meet Christine: She is not your typical massage therapist! She is a Certified BodyMind Coach and a Licensed Massage Therapist that uses coaching, bodywork, and her diverse background in holistic health to best serve her clients. You can work with her through BodyMind coaching programs, one-on-one coaching (virtual or in person), workshops and retreats.

Find her at Honu Therapeutic Massage: www.honutherapeuticmassage.comPhone: 612.356.2029

Intsagram: https://www.instagram.com/honumassage/

Action Step:   Be curious when you feel stress in your body and ask- is this energy mine? Can we observe if what we are feeling is ours or something that we picked up from someone else? Then, pause and just feel what is going on in your body and be curious and notice without any judgment. What is this energy that you feel? What feelings or emotions do you notice in your body? Acknowledge it and feel it because in order for us to heal we need to truly feel.

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