Join Denise and I as we jam on how our health journey & career paths that have strengthened our faith and allowed us to be more present in order to serve and love on others. We dig into how we our products of our environment and how we carry around so many past stories, beliefs that drag us down. But, how in the world do we repattern our body into a healthier state where we live our truth and who we truly are underneath all of these past stories and beliefs?! Did you guess it… a few tools are breathwork and energy work! Listen in so you can hear more about how doing these practices allows you to access a lighter load and relieve yourself of those burdens that are burning up inside of us.

Meet Denise: She has been a registered nurse for 30 years. In the last 10 years she has focused on holistic nursing and self-care for health and well-being in the workplace and community. Her holistic journey has introduced her to healing touch which is an energy healing, essential oils, holistic health coaching and vitatlity. She leads individuals and groups in mind body modality practices for stress relief and inner awareness. Her passion lies in helping people connect with themselves first; so they can more effectively engage with the outer world from a place of peace and harmony.

A few of her favorite online apps for meditations are:

  • Abide
  • 21 Day Meditation Experience
  • Calm

Find Denise on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/denise.l.wills

Or email her at deniseholisticwills@gmail.com

Action Step:   We are chatting about morning routine again! How can you fill your cup up spiritually first thing in the morning!? Denise recommended a few apps like Abide, 21 Day Meditation Experience or Calm. Need a book suggestion?! A Purpose Driven Life where you only need to read one little chapter per day! WHO HOO!! Choose one option and begin your journey to starting your day off on the right foot and start to be consistent so it becomes more powerful and effective over time!!

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