Emotional trauma- we all have it to some degree. Some of us hide it really well, some of us have been able to let go of it, while others struggle in their daily lives because it constantly haunts them and nags at them.

Often times left untreated or when we choose to numb/suppress this part of us it will eventually lead us to bigger symptoms that will finally get our attention, like anxiety or turning to food to emotionally eat or binge eat our way out of those feelings that we are trying to run from and the emotional weight that we find ourselves carrying.

Listen in to get the secret sauce on the key component that you need to heal emotional trauma from Steph who has been there down in the trenches and worked her way back up. This work will never be a quick fix, nor will we say it’s easy, but we are certain that this style focuses on long term transformation instead of a temporary quick microwave fix.

Meet Steph- she is a Self Love and Body Image Coach helping Mom’s overcome their emotional trauma. She struggled with her own trauma for decades before she became aligned with her true self and started sharing her gifts to help others who are battling with behaviors like binge eating and struggling with anxiety.

Connect with Steph:

Facebook: Steph German Coaching https://www.facebook.com/Steph-German-Coaching-861571404183309/

Instagram: @stephthegerman  https://www.instagram.com/stephthegerman/

Email: steph@stephgermancoaching.com

Action Step: Practice mindfulness. Slow down, take that deep breath & recognize where you are at and give yourself a little love in that moment.

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