Join in on some Mommahood chat with Megan Baxter! She shares with us her journey overcoming living life as an “unengaged parent” to living her life “engaged” and truly present.

I had never heard of the term “unengaged parent” before. It means when we as parents are not providing ourselves to our children. I can think of so many times I’m “busy” getting things done- cooking, cleaning, job, life, laundry, etc and being that unengaged parent so I can totally relate. Megan shares with us how the magic in being able to change was when she focused about reprioritizing.

We also dive into how trust and surrender in our lives allows us to truly live in the presence. So much goodness and great little tid-bits in this episode as well as some humor! I hope you enjoy and can take a little something from this episode!

Meet Megan: After finding her priorities completely out of line with her purpose, Megan, a wife and mother of two daughters, began aligning with her passions to coach moms in all stages of motherhood. She now coaches woman on how to best work through healthier lifestyle changes, managing body, mind and spirit habits through exercise, meditation and mindfulness, and eating with more awareness.

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Action Step: 

1) Create a journal habit and list daily 3 things you are grateful for.

2) List 5 things that make you happy and incorporate it into your daily life.

For example: Nature, calling friends/connecting, Good nutritious meals, moving her body, meditation


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