I bet you never thought you would hear a podcaster talk about this!?
But, seriously- are you addicted to consuming content!? Do you fill every waking moment with a podcast, audible book, reading a book that is teaching you something or guiding you to live a certain way? Do you feel like you are falling short because you learned awesome material, but you aren’t applying it?

I’ve been there, I hear you lady.

Stop. Just stop the podcasts, the audible books, the self-help books and just be present.

Instead of filling you with content, it’s OK to take a step back and choose some fun options like putting on your favorite Spotify or Pandora station and jamming out to your fav songs, or what if you sat in silence in your car (GASP!!) Or what if you use the noting tool, I teach you in this episode to allow you to slow down, be more present and reduce some of that anxiety and overwhelm.

Action Step:   I dare you. If you are at that point where I was and feeling like there is so much to implement and so much to learn and go- go – go…. stop. Start noting your thoughts, start adding some fun back into your life and see how different your days are when you stop over consuming and start being present.


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