I started reading Caroline Myss book called Anatomy of the Spirit and took away a few super interesting pieces! She chats a ton about our emotions and how they are related to sickness, illness and disease. “To create disease, negative emotions have to be dominant and what accelerates the process is knowing the negative thought to be toxic but giving it permission to thrive in your consciousness anyway.” For example, when you know you need to forgive someone, but you decide to remain angry because you feel like that gives you more power.

These built up emotions inside of us do us literally no freaking good!! Then why are we so addicted to holding on to them? Why do we find it hard to let it go!?

Going through a coaching program that focused on feeling our emotions to heal was key to me realizing the importance, working through it, embodying the work and realizing that this is crazy important for all of us to understand!!

Breathwork- ready to release that baggage!? Doing breathwork is huge to bring up that stuck energy and to let it go! I’m still offering online breathwork 1:1 and workshop sessions free until January as part of my Pause Practicum. If interested go here to sign up https://operationtransformationpodcast.blubrry.net/pause-breathwork/

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Action Step:   Make a list of who do you need to forgive? Is it someone else? Is it you? Then start writing letters. Write a letter from you to that person and vice versa. What do you want to say to them, but you can’t? What did you wish to hear from them, but they never said it to you? Read it aloud, look at the mirror, feel into it. Feel into every little piece. Then let it go. Chop it up, burn it up (be responsible!!!) and release it. How does it feel?


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