WOW-How is it almost 2020!? I remember last year at this time. It was a not-so-fun part of my life and my journey. I remember getting my lowest paycheck in my network marketing biz and feeling like such a failure, feeling like what is wrong with me? Why am I struggling so much!? Listen to hear about where 2019 took me: The up’s, the down’s the feelings of being an imposter, the feelings of failure and the feelings of disappointment.

But, I’m grateful. I’m so grateful for that opportunity because I would never be where I am today. I would have never chosen my niche to be serving Mompreneurs in the Health & Wellness industry to help them end their battle with sugar so they no longer feel like an imposter in their industry. SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!

AND- guess what. I am committed to serving you in a private group! Check it out here! I’m building this from the ground up in order to truly serve those Mompreneurs in the health & wellness industry to struggle with sugar addiction and struggle with feeling like a fraud or an imposter in their industry because of it. Together we rise. Together we grow. Together we embody. Join me- in the group!

Action Step:   Take a peak at your year, where have you grown? What were some events or challenges that happened that at the time you were devasted, but now can look back and see the lesson? How can you show more gratitude for this part of your life?


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