Meet Rachel: Holistic Healing Expert and Founder of the Total Healing & FAB Method where she helps chronically ill women heal & take back their life without medical help. She is 28 years old and lives in sunny San Diego! She struggled with being chronically ill for 6 years with fibromyalgia, mitochondrial malfunction, extreme fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depression and insomnia to name a few. WHEW-she has been through a lot. But, because of this struggle and huge obstacle she has been able to turn her mess into her message.

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Listen in as we dig into what technique fueled her healing journey and why she is obsessed with sharing this in her group program.  We chat about the power of our mind, how we can change our autopilot mode, how our emotions and how they can propel illness, self-sabotage & how much we can truly transform when we stop looking externally and dig within. How when we change our thoughts, learn to feel our emotions… we literally can change our life.

Don’t miss out on her next group program which she is now beginning to fill up quickly! If you struggle with chronic illness, this may be the perfect fit for you! Go to her site to apply ASAP!!!!  https://lovemymiddle.mykajabi.com/totalhealing

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