Change- life is full of them! The seasons change, people in our life change, clothing style changes, our favorite restaurant changes their menu or maybe one of your fav products changes its formula and it no longer works. We ALL go through change.

But, what is your take on change? Do you resist it? Do you dread it? Do you fight it?

Or do you embrace it and allow yourself to grow and transform it?

Listen in to see how when I changed my relationship to change this directly impacted my binge eating/ emotional eating/ sugar cravings. Because when I changed my perception of change- it was no longer painful for me. I came at if from a different approach and therefore it didn’t trigger my past autopilot response to eat away my feelings of uncertainty that change use to bring.

Action Step:   Let your curiosity seek out how do you respond or react to pain? How come? What is your fear in change? Do you trust that you can handle what the change will bring into your life? Can you be open to shifting your perception of change so that you can live a life free of this fear instead of it overwhelming you?

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