In this episode Liz digs deep about her addiction to sugar and how she worked through this challenge in her life. She shares with us about her disordered eating, exercise addiction and then her journey to binge eating which led to a chronic illness. With her recovery from the addiction to sugar, she realized that the mind and body are so connected and that the healing journey needed to include both areas.

My most favorite part of this was when she chatted about how not only does food we eat matter, but the energy we have behind eating the food is crucial and that this energy we have towards our food actually has a greater impact then the food itself. And my second fav thing about this episode was when she dug deep into how RESTRICTING FOOD IS NOT THE ANSWER!! So many times we think we will just avoid this food or that food altogether, but this actually just fuels our desire to have it even more and never actually heals us.

Sugar addiction is so much more than just a craving and willpower alone will not heal you from this addiction. Listen in to hear the deets on how Liz was able to kick this addiction to the curb and change her relationship to food.

Meet Liz Justine- she is a health & mindset coach who helps leaders attain optimal health & rewire their mindset to show up confidently and attract with ease. She is a breathwork facilitator and is the creator of MLA: Magnetic Leader Accelerator which helps you cultivate confidence, energy and work/life balance so that you can thrive in your biz as your most magnetic self to attract your audience, opportunities and the abundance you desire. Do not forget to check out her amazing YouTube channel which is LOADED with amazing info!

Instagram: @lizjustinee

Youtube: https://youtu.be/9PQTQUZN2I4

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