This isn’t working. Hitting the snooze button. The alarm goes off and that little yellow oval pops up snooze which is way bigger than the other option which is Stop.

I have two choices, do I get up and start rocking out my morning routine or do I stay in my comfy, cozy, warm bed all snuggled up with my husband snoozing beside me.

iPhone should really consider switching it up to You’ll Pay for it All Day= Snooze or Temporary Pain/ Long Term Gain =Stop.

It really comes down to can I handle the pain of getting up and not enjoying that comfort laying in bed? Which is SOO much easier said then done and why I’m on a mission to help others master this step to set them up for an amazing day. Because it’s not about willpower. It is so much deeper than that! But how we start our day, determines the intention for the rest of our day.

There is a connection between your happiness, productivity, sense of control, mindset and mood that you have all day long and it begins with HOW you wake up. Not when you wake up. Are you hitting the snooze or not?

We sleep in cycles. When you hit the snooze button your mind falls back into a 75-90 min sleep cycle within 9-15 min. You then wake up 20,30,40 min later and you are going against your bodies natural sleep cycle.  literally takes your brain over 4 hours to shake this state. This is where you are groggy, you are fatigued, you struggle with focus.

Wanna get started? Do these three simple steps tomorrow when you wake up.

  1. Put your phone or you alarm if you use one of those not beside you in bed. You literally need to get out of bed in order to turn off your alarm.
  2. When alarm goes off. Get out of bed and drink at least 8 ounces of water
  3. Hop into the shower and instead of turning the water to warm/ hot…. Take a cool shower!

That’s it. Start off with these three things and throughout your day be curious. How different do you feel? Do you feel more awake? More focused? Less groggy?

If you are ready to dig deeper and to start figuring out what to actually do when you wake up, send me a DM for a free coaching session to set a personalized morning routine that is unique for you! 

The power lies in the morning! How are you going to start your day lady!?

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