The biggest lesson I learned with being addicted to sugar was…..listen in to hear all the deets!

I always felt that if I wasn’t energetic, bubbly, upbeat, happy-go-lucky that something was wrong with me. If I started to feel a little down, if things started to feel out of control, if I was angry/irritable/ frustrated, if I was overwhelmed or anxious…. I thought this was not good. I would wonder what was wrong with me? This really hit hard when I was in the health and wellness network marketing industry. I felt like I always had to have it all together, I couldn’t show if I was having a “bad day” or struggling with my acne, food, sugar cravings, health etc. This fueled my emotions even more and turned into this battle and constant fight which led me to eating more sugar to try to “control” my situation and to try to STOP these “bad” emotions.

What does serve when you feel an emotion that is not so desirable in your body is to do these 3 things I mention in this podcast!

PSSSS…..Secret sauce: You need to feel in order to heal. When you allow yourself to feel, your life will literally transform into a lasting transformation and not a quick fix like grabbing that candy bar and diet coke to get you by.


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