Who ever would have thought we would be in this place? Schools are cancelled… at least in the state of WI= INDEFINITELY!? SAY WHAT?! ┬áRestaurants are closed and only allow pick up only. Toilet paper is hard to find. Homes are stocked due to warnings of not being able to leave your house. And THOUSANDS are without jobs.

WOW- did that sure happen quick. If you are anything like me… you have gone through states of literally feeling paralyzed. Not even being able to function. Maybe you wake up feeling like everything is “normal” and then you truly wake up to the fact life will never be the same. You get sucked into fear and doubt and left in despair.

In this time, the only thing that you can truly find certainty in is our Lord, Jesus Christ. Instead of letting this time divide us, allow it to bring you closer and fully depending on the Lord instead of trying to “do it all yourself”.

Never before have I prayed on my podcast… until this episode. And to be honest. It may have been the first. But, it won’t be the last.

It feels so stinking amazing to allow this part of me to be a part of EVERYTHING I do. Allowing myself to not “hide”, to not fully speak out about the importance of Faith in my life and to separate it is exhilarating. ┬áSo- hear is to episode 50. The beginning of our life forever changing after this Coronavirus and the internal war that is being fought.

It’s time to come together. It’s time to pray. It’s time to have hope. It’s time to unite.

If you are struggling during this time- PLEASE message me! I would love to chat with you, do a breath work session, support you during this time.

Interested in what a faith based breath work session looks like? Check this out: https://bit.ly/coronavirusfaithbasedbreathworksession


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