Join in on this podcast with writer, singer and faithful servant Lauren Jensen where we dive into how we can find hope and certainty in the Lord who is in control, choosing faith over fear and how to settle our worries and fully trust in God. Likely our identities are shifting massively during this time and we may be feeling lost and confused not knowing where to turn, where to focus or the next step. So, in this episode, Lauren dives into a variety of topics to guide you back to the rock and foundation that each and everyone of us have access to: God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit.

A few of things we dig into are:

-How the Scripture allowed her to have a secure anchor in this midst of this COVID-19 storm

-How to be aware of new distractions that are taking us away from Christ

-Tips for handling this situation with our kiddos

-How is she seeing God at work during this time

-Allowing silence and stillness which brings us wisdom

-And my absolute fav part: “I don’t want to leave this COVID-19 the way I came in. I want to be a different person.”

-How God wants us to have JOY, but our control issues robs us of joy.

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