Press play and get ready for an intense episode digging into sugar addiction and how it affects the body- specifically the hormone disruption, the power of our mind in our healing journey and tools to implement when you feel that craving or desire to binge eat.

Once you are the age 30-35 then your brain is running on past autopilot mode and you are rinsing and repeating 95% of the same things from the day before and the day before. This makes it challenging when you are trying to kick a habit like sugar cravings, binge eating and emotional eating because it definitely feels like an uphill battle. Dr. Schilling dives into the power that we have to shift our mindset but it has to be intentional and it has to be consistent.

Here are a few of my fav one liners that Dr. Schilling shared during this podcast:

“People don’t get what they deserve, they get what they have to have.” I love this one because when we are relating it to our sugar addiction and binge eating- guess what….. We don’t deserve the health effects and consequences of this bad choice, but we get what we have to have. Which  in that moment we HAVE TO HAVE THE FOOD! That is our autopilot to take away the pain and to get through our day. So the shift needs to happen with taking responsibility and shifting away from our past autopilot mode so that we can achieve a different result.

“You will suffer pain. It is either the pain of self- discipline or the pain of regret.” Again… we have that choice. Oftentimes, I feel like the pain is greater with the regret, but in the moment when we have to have the food and give into the craving we feel like there is no way out. I loved when Dr. Schilling goes into taking that Pause when you feel the craving- doing some breaths, adding in movement, tapping on sternum just to disrupt your mind to stop the autopilot and to allow you to make that choice.

We need to adopt a lifestyle, not a diet.” Dr. Schilling dives deep into how critical this is to adopt a lifestyle because this sets a tone and a choice that I’m not depriving myself. When we use verbiage like “I can’t have that, or that. I’m not allowed to eat that, etc.” Then this is setting up our mind to retaliate and it will want it even more. So shifting into that lifestyle and using verbiage like “I’m choosing _____”. 

Brain rewiring is crucial for lasting transformation and in your healing journey. Dr Schilling specializes in QNRT work with his participants. Check out what QNRT is here : https://www.secoyahealth.com/index.php?p=506935

We also discussed about a Joe Dispenza meditation to utilize when we feel that craving. Here is a breakdown on what that looks like:  Pull the belly button back to the spine, as you draw in the air, up through your stomach, up through your lungs,  up through your throat  and to behind your third eye. Then hold your breath and do 5 kegels. Feel the pressure. This is directing energy to the pineal gland which helps to activate the brain and to disrupt the process of your past autopilot mode with cravings/ binge eating.  

Meet Dr. Schilling: Dr. Schilling graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic. Prior to studying Chiropractic Medicine, he had a career as a Mechanical Engineer, including several years volunteering for the Peace Corps in Mexico as a Systems Engineer and Knowledge Management Specialist. His work analyzing many different systems as an engineer, provided him with a heightened understanding of the interconnectedness of the systems of the human body. Applying these skills to his chiropractic care allows Dr. Schilling to not simply focus on the immediate pain, but rather on finding and correcting the root cause of the problem. He is the owner of Secoya Health in Woodbury, MN which is one of the most integrative family wellness clinics in the Midwest focusing on integrated, progressive and holistic natural healthcare.

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