58: 4 Steps to Stop Emotional Eating with Estelle Coombe- Heath

Ooo!! I loved jamming about my passion with emotional eating and binge eating with Estelle!! She is my FIRST guest who resides outside of the US! She grew up in South Africa & now resides in beautiful Australia! So, I welcome her and her amazing accent to my show!!

When you struggle with food addiction, binge eating, emotional eating… guess what? You can’t get help from someone who hasn’t gone through this battle. And Estelle has done just that. 13 years ago was when she found herself overweight, overworked and living off of cigarettes and coffee which led her to binge eating. She took the first step to change, but quickly found herself in a place where her pursuit of being healthy became unhealthy.  the more obsessed she got with losing weight the more obsessed she got with keeping it off. This restriction in her eating FUELED her binge eating. She would find herself running for her binges and food cravings.

Listen in as Estelle shares with us how she found comfort in food and how emotion is directly tied to eating and the importance behind why we can’t avoid it! She even shares with us her signature method that she coaches her clients to help stop emotional eating!! Ahhh!! So good! This is for you lady if you feel like you are all alone, wondering and feeling like something is wrong with you and why can’t you just figure this out already!? Listen in & I hope you find so much value in this episode!

Meet Estelle: She is the creator of the Wholesome Lifestyle Project and is a leading expert in helping women who struggle with binge and emotional eating so that they can find food freedom and finally trust themselves around food. Estelle is passionate about health, wellness, fitness and most importantly…. Living a binge free life!! For the past 12 months, Estelle has been showing women who struggle with emotional eating all around the globe how to FINALLY trust themselves around food and how to manage their cravings to stop the binge-guilt cycle for good!

 Check out her 4 Simple steps to stop emotional eating guide!

This guide is jam packed with easy to follow steps to get you out of the binge-guilt cycle!

-Discover the top 3 mistakes that are keeping you in emotional eating he’ll

-4 Simple steps to stop emotional eating!

-A clear plan to help you finally trust yourself around food!



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