Breathwork Series: Anxiety & Fear

Welcome to the Breathwork Series focusing on Anxiety & Fear

In the midst of the COVID-19 where our lives have drastically changed, your anxiety and fear can feel uncontrollable and overwhelming. This 4 module series is faith focused and will begin with a “coaching” session and end with a intro to breathwork session. My intent with this series is that you are able to shift your state through breathwork, change your perspective on anxiety and fear, focus on Christ and experience the difference in your life.

The Breathwork Series Focusing on Fear/ Anxiety Modules Are: 

Module 1: What We Focus On Expands

How can we change our focus so we can stop ruminating over the negative, worrying and anxious thoughts?  

Module 2: Control & Avoiding Pain

How can we release control and change our relationship to pain to utilize this as growth instead of resisting? 

Module 3: Trusting In God: Everything Is Happening For Me

How can we depend and trust God in times of uncertainty and fully step into living our lives that everything is happening for us in God’s perfect timing? 

Module 4: Processing & Not Avoiding

How can we process all the emotions that we are experiencing now instead of avoiding them?

What does this series include?

  • Video module for each section that includes the lesson and breathwork session.  Ranges in length from 20-30 min
  • Journal prompts to help guide you to bring what was discussed and to dig deeper and connecting it with your life personally

Who is this meant for?

  • If you are feeling fear, anxiety, overwhelm
  • If you are struggling during this time with figuring out your new normal
  • If you are finding yourself worrying about your reality or the future
  • If you struggle with control and not having control really bothers you
  • If you feel distant to God and interested in deepening your relationship with him
  • If you want to leave this pandemic as a different person then when it started- this is for you!

I haven’t done breathwork before. Is it safe?

Each breathwork portion is intentionally meant to be an intro to breathwork & safe for all to take part in. Similar to a workout, listen to your body. If you feel like you need to slow down your breaths or take a break, do so!!! Some breathwork is not meant for people who have certain health conditions and I did NOT include that in this series. I do love that type of breathwork, but I specifically designed this course for all to take part in and including intro to breathwork only. If you have questions on this or wish to be introduced to deeper breathwork sessions let me know!

How long will this take me?

Each module ranges in time from 20-30 min long. It begins with a “coaching” portion where we dig into the module topic and then ends with a intro to breathwork session. It is up to you how fast you want to work through it. You can do it back to back or take a few days or weeks. My intention is that you will be able to bring the breathwork that you learn and incorporate this into your daily routine.

How do I view the modules?

You will get access to an online site through Teachable where you will login and view the modules, audios and journal prompts.

I have more questions to ask you. How do I contact you?

Message me on Instagram, Facebook or email me at