59: Summer of Healing

Super short podcast to let all of my listeners know that I will see you in the fall! I will be taking this summer to focus on my health, reduce stress, spend more time with God in His word and doing the action steps to allow my body to heal if that is what God desires to do!

Can’t wait to be back in the fall and to share with you my summer and hopefully the complete healing of this battle with my throat that I’ve been dealing with for 3 years!

Honestly, I’ve had my ups and downs with this struggle, challenge, journey…. but I know that there is a very good reason that God has me on this path and on this journey and I can’t wait to work through it!

In the mean time, take some time out and spend it with God you guys!!! We need to cling to His word, His strength, His love during this time!

See you in Sept 2020 🙂

58: 4 Steps to Stop Emotional Eating with Estelle Coombe- Heath

Ooo!! I loved jamming about my passion with emotional eating and binge eating with Estelle!! She is my FIRST guest who resides outside of the US! She grew up in South Africa & now resides in beautiful Australia! So, I welcome her and her amazing accent to my show!!

When you struggle with food addiction, binge eating, emotional eating… guess what? You can’t get help from someone who hasn’t gone through this battle. And Estelle has done just that. 13 years ago was when she found herself overweight, overworked and living off of cigarettes and coffee which led her to binge eating. She took the first step to change, but quickly found herself in a place where her pursuit of being healthy became unhealthy.  the more obsessed she got with losing weight the more obsessed she got with keeping it off. This restriction in her eating FUELED her binge eating. She would find herself running for her binges and food cravings.

Listen in as Estelle shares with us how she found comfort in food and how emotion is directly tied to eating and the importance behind why we can’t avoid it! She even shares with us her signature method that she coaches her clients to help stop emotional eating!! Ahhh!! So good! This is for you lady if you feel like you are all alone, wondering and feeling like something is wrong with you and why can’t you just figure this out already!? Listen in & I hope you find so much value in this episode!

Meet Estelle: She is the creator of the Wholesome Lifestyle Project and is a leading expert in helping women who struggle with binge and emotional eating so that they can find food freedom and finally trust themselves around food. Estelle is passionate about health, wellness, fitness and most importantly…. Living a binge free life!! For the past 12 months, Estelle has been showing women who struggle with emotional eating all around the globe how to FINALLY trust themselves around food and how to manage their cravings to stop the binge-guilt cycle for good!

 Check out her 4 Simple steps to stop emotional eating guide!

This guide is jam packed with easy to follow steps to get you out of the binge-guilt cycle!

-Discover the top 3 mistakes that are keeping you in emotional eating he’ll

-4 Simple steps to stop emotional eating!

-A clear plan to help you finally trust yourself around food!



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Press play and get ready for an intense episode digging into sugar addiction and how it affects the body- specifically the hormone disruption, the power of our mind in our healing journey and tools to implement when you feel that craving or desire to binge eat.

Once you are the age 30-35 then your brain is running on past autopilot mode and you are rinsing and repeating 95% of the same things from the day before and the day before. This makes it challenging when you are trying to kick a habit like sugar cravings, binge eating and emotional eating because it definitely feels like an uphill battle. Dr. Schilling dives into the power that we have to shift our mindset but it has to be intentional and it has to be consistent.

Here are a few of my fav one liners that Dr. Schilling shared during this podcast:

“People don’t get what they deserve, they get what they have to have.” I love this one because when we are relating it to our sugar addiction and binge eating- guess what….. We don’t deserve the health effects and consequences of this bad choice, but we get what we have to have. Which  in that moment we HAVE TO HAVE THE FOOD! That is our autopilot to take away the pain and to get through our day. So the shift needs to happen with taking responsibility and shifting away from our past autopilot mode so that we can achieve a different result.

“You will suffer pain. It is either the pain of self- discipline or the pain of regret.” Again… we have that choice. Oftentimes, I feel like the pain is greater with the regret, but in the moment when we have to have the food and give into the craving we feel like there is no way out. I loved when Dr. Schilling goes into taking that Pause when you feel the craving- doing some breaths, adding in movement, tapping on sternum just to disrupt your mind to stop the autopilot and to allow you to make that choice.

We need to adopt a lifestyle, not a diet.” Dr. Schilling dives deep into how critical this is to adopt a lifestyle because this sets a tone and a choice that I’m not depriving myself. When we use verbiage like “I can’t have that, or that. I’m not allowed to eat that, etc.” Then this is setting up our mind to retaliate and it will want it even more. So shifting into that lifestyle and using verbiage like “I’m choosing _____”. 

Brain rewiring is crucial for lasting transformation and in your healing journey. Dr Schilling specializes in QNRT work with his participants. Check out what QNRT is here : https://www.secoyahealth.com/index.php?p=506935

We also discussed about a Joe Dispenza meditation to utilize when we feel that craving. Here is a breakdown on what that looks like:  Pull the belly button back to the spine, as you draw in the air, up through your stomach, up through your lungs,  up through your throat  and to behind your third eye. Then hold your breath and do 5 kegels. Feel the pressure. This is directing energy to the pineal gland which helps to activate the brain and to disrupt the process of your past autopilot mode with cravings/ binge eating.  

Meet Dr. Schilling: Dr. Schilling graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic. Prior to studying Chiropractic Medicine, he had a career as a Mechanical Engineer, including several years volunteering for the Peace Corps in Mexico as a Systems Engineer and Knowledge Management Specialist. His work analyzing many different systems as an engineer, provided him with a heightened understanding of the interconnectedness of the systems of the human body. Applying these skills to his chiropractic care allows Dr. Schilling to not simply focus on the immediate pain, but rather on finding and correcting the root cause of the problem. He is the owner of Secoya Health in Woodbury, MN which is one of the most integrative family wellness clinics in the Midwest focusing on integrated, progressive and holistic natural healthcare.

Connect with Dr. Schilling:

Secoya Health

7650 Currell Blvd #330

Woodbury, MN 55125






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Today’s episode you get to hear from the hosts of the Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul Online Summit which will be on May 14,15,16 AND 17th!!!  CORRECTION! I stated until the 16th in this episode but it does go till the 17th!! 🙂

It is 3 days of incredible speakers digging into healing your relationship with anxiety, building resilence during the chaos, cultivating calm and peace from within yourself and creating mind-body connection to elevate your life. You can get free access to all 12 speakers when you join live!

Go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/heal-your-mind-body-and-soul-a-virtual-summit-tickets-102124210262 to register!!


Meet Jenell Consorti: Speaker, transformative thought leader & certified breathwork facilitator. She uses her background as a LMBT and certified life coach to help heal and release emotional trauma from the body. She also coaches women how to beat the mid-30’s slump, let go of limiting beliefs and how to create an abundant life they love.


Meet Ashley Ritch: A certified life coach, yoga teacher & speaker. She intuitively guides millennials to connect to themselves to live life to the fullest. She teaches how to shift your mindset so you can carve a completely different path, one that you deeply desire. She coaches people who feel as if they “should” be happy to actually BE happy.


Meet Desi Barton: A certified life coach and intuitive healer. She shows women that it’s not the American Dream they are searching for, but rather a deeper, healthier relationship with themselves. She uses deep intuitive knowing to help women turn their past emotional pain into their power.



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Join in on this podcast with writer, singer and faithful servant Lauren Jensen where we dive into how we can find hope and certainty in the Lord who is in control, choosing faith over fear and how to settle our worries and fully trust in God. Likely our identities are shifting massively during this time and we may be feeling lost and confused not knowing where to turn, where to focus or the next step. So, in this episode, Lauren dives into a variety of topics to guide you back to the rock and foundation that each and everyone of us have access to: God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit.

A few of things we dig into are:

-How the Scripture allowed her to have a secure anchor in this midst of this COVID-19 storm

-How to be aware of new distractions that are taking us away from Christ

-Tips for handling this situation with our kiddos

-How is she seeing God at work during this time

-Allowing silence and stillness which brings us wisdom

-And my absolute fav part: “I don’t want to leave this COVID-19 the way I came in. I want to be a different person.”

-How God wants us to have JOY, but our control issues robs us of joy.

I hope you love this episode! Make sure you connect and follow Lauren to see her amazing blogs and posts that she writes and PLEASE SHARE THIS episode with someone who you think could benefit from this message!

Connect with Lauren:

Website: https://laurenjensenwriter.com

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Affiliated with Never So Broken Ministry: https://www.instagram.com/neversobroken/



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Changing it up this week, meditation! I hope you enjoy this meditation and that the hope we have in Jesus brings you some hope and peace in the midst of the pandemic.


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Nothing external will hold us back more than ourselves. So, in this episode we are digging into how taking micro steps can lead you into accomplishing bigger things, but it begins with clarity, mindset and ability to take consistent intentional micro steps. Often times we can feel paralyzed with overwhelm and not knowing what to do or where to go and we just don’t do anything. Especially now with so much uncertainty in the midst of the pandemic. So, how can we shift our focus to consistency in smaller micro-steps to achieve our bigger goal through growth and development instead of wanting big results/ big things with not allowing ourselves to grow and transform.

Meet Amanda Edwards: Host of the Imperfectly Ambitious Podcast which focuses on empowering women to imperfectly pursue their own version of success by focusing on their mindset so they can cut through the overwhelm and clutter to make time and space for what matters most.




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What we think about ourselves and about our life becomes the truth for us. Therefore, every thought we think is creating our future. So in this time during the coronavirus outbreak where we feel like we are left with no peace, harmony or balance, we need to turn to our thoughts first to change it here and then we will notice it showing up in our lives.

Our power lies in the present, now. What are we thinking? Because this determines how we feel and how we act and then leads us to our reality.

During this time, where we have fear instilled on us on a daily basis, changing our perspective to allow us to move through this instead of putting our heels into the ground and being dragged.

Listen in as we dig deep into getting to the root of our reality- which is our thoughts.


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Life is short and when you’re given a second chance you better believe Kelly is going to take it, celebrate and share it with you! Join in on this podcast where she shares her story and how she has turned her mess into her message. She shares how motivation, determination and a never give up attitude is what got her to where she is today with her struggle with being MISDIAGNOSED and treated with an insane amount of pharmaceuticals for a “disease” she never had.

Meet Kelly Ann Gorman: Business/ Podcast/ Linked In/ Life Coach

She hosts The Happy Workaholic Podcast which is a show intended to elevate your mind, upgrade your business, enhance your life and become part of a positive and uplifting community.

If you’re ready to take your business and life to that next level you deserve to be at, this is the show for you!

Over the past twenty years Kelly has worked in beauty, luxury, corporate and service driven industries. She created opportunities in these careers as well as her own businesses that allowed her to travel the world, experience once in a lifetime events and build brands while providing her expertise to clients all around the globe.

Kelly is here to remind you to work hard, share your story, follow your dreams and never ever give up.

Find Kelly Ann Gorman:

Instagram: @thahappyworkaholic

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Who ever would have thought we would be in this place? Schools are cancelled… at least in the state of WI= INDEFINITELY!? SAY WHAT?!  Restaurants are closed and only allow pick up only. Toilet paper is hard to find. Homes are stocked due to warnings of not being able to leave your house. And THOUSANDS are without jobs.

WOW- did that sure happen quick. If you are anything like me… you have gone through states of literally feeling paralyzed. Not even being able to function. Maybe you wake up feeling like everything is “normal” and then you truly wake up to the fact life will never be the same. You get sucked into fear and doubt and left in despair.

In this time, the only thing that you can truly find certainty in is our Lord, Jesus Christ. Instead of letting this time divide us, allow it to bring you closer and fully depending on the Lord instead of trying to “do it all yourself”.

Never before have I prayed on my podcast… until this episode. And to be honest. It may have been the first. But, it won’t be the last.

It feels so stinking amazing to allow this part of me to be a part of EVERYTHING I do. Allowing myself to not “hide”, to not fully speak out about the importance of Faith in my life and to separate it is exhilarating.  So- hear is to episode 50. The beginning of our life forever changing after this Coronavirus and the internal war that is being fought.

It’s time to come together. It’s time to pray. It’s time to have hope. It’s time to unite.

If you are struggling during this time- PLEASE message me! I would love to chat with you, do a breath work session, support you during this time.

Interested in what a faith based breath work session looks like? Check this out: https://bit.ly/coronavirusfaithbasedbreathworksession