Meet Crystal

“I’m just a small town girl,,, Living in a lonely world,,,” Insert amazing song from Journey and just jam out for a few minutes!!! PS- that’s one of my FAVORITE songs!! And, really, I am just a small town girl at heart who was born & raised in the rural Midwest. I am a true Minnea-oooo-tan even though I now reside in Wisconsin. No need to worry though- I will forever love the game of football and being a fan of the MN Vikings, even while now living in the Packer loving state. SKOL! My main objective in life is to make sure that my boys bleed purple, just kidding, but not kiddin!! Anyways- all rivalry jokes aside- we could not be happier living in our quaint Wisconsin town. We love enjoying the location by going to the local river boating and fishing, going for hikes at local parks and finding new playgrounds for the kiddos to enjoy. While most people complain about living in this area with long and cold winters, we appreciate the beauty of the seasons and the ability to make amazing snow hills for tubing in our own backyard.

I am married and have two young kiddos who allow me to constantly grow and appreciate life from a different perspective. The lessons they teach me and the patience I’ve learned has been life changing. I share often about the struggles of motherhood and how to work through this season in our life. I’ve learned to live a life not hustling like crazy, but living life in the moment and enjoying all of the little giggles and well, farts, that go along with it. Having two boys, there is never a day goes by that doesn’t happen!

I graduated with a degree in dental hygiene as well as dental assisting. I work at an awesome dental office and am a proud tooth nerd! But, don’t worry, I won’t lecture you about flossing. And… I really have no clue how to actually do the floss dance, but my 3 year old has way better dance moves then what his Mom has. Random dental fact, did you know that some people really don’t have to floss every single day!?!? Say what!? I may not be your typical hygienist, but nothing makes me more giddy then cleaning off a ton of calculus (build-up)  from peeps teeth!!! EEEKK!!! And I’m in love with the Lush toothy tabs! If you are ready to change up your toothpaste- check these out! I never have canker sores and no sensitivity since switching to these beauties! Message me and I’ll tell you my favorite flavor!

What else can I tell you about myself!?

OOooo, I love cats and we have the cutest orange cat named Piper. We just got him this past year and the new cat NEEDED to be orange, because that was my oldest favorite color at the time! If it weren’t for my husband, I would probably have at least 2-3 more cats! That is still a work in progress to get him on board with another meow fur ball for our family! I’m ready to become a crazy cat lady,,,meow!

I love going for walks or hikes in nature. One of my all time favorite places to hike is  in Sedona, AZ. Seriously what an outstanding city with magnificent views! We may not have red rock up here in the good ol’ Midwest, but getting out in the fresh air, feeling that vitamin D, the view of the green trees, listening to the wind and hearing the birds chirping is always a recipe for an amazing day. Our latest thing this year is bike riding! Everyone in the family now officially has a bike and we love to cruise the neighborhood. Sidenote, whoever created the Strider bike is a freaking genius, seriously. Our 3 yr old is in love with it and we couldn’t survive without this bike! Best investment ever!

You can always find me reading at least one bible study book & probably digging into a few others at the same time! True story, I have a mini library at my house. I love recommendations from others and my passion for constant growth and learning is a recipe for Amazon orders coming regularly. If you ever need a book suggestion then you need to message me- because I will totally have a few options for you! As well as my addiction to podcast or Audible books- I rarely have a dull moment while doing dishes when the boys are in bed, folding laundry or even commuting in my car. There is always something awesome to listen to. I know multitasking isn’t actually the best thing for you, but seriously! Who doesn’t like to listen to the latest new podcast that just released while scrubbing those dishes!?

I am Christ centered and one of my fav things to do as a family is our Sunday church routine! Our church family is amazing- we are so blessed to call them our church home! When we built our house a few years ago, this was the main reason we chose the location because of how close we were to our church! I’m a huge fan of finding a church that you love and one that when you wake on Sunday Morning it is NOT about if you should or shouldn’t go to church, you just want to go!

Another interesting thing about me is that I literally love to throw things away. If we haven’t used it in so many months or I’ve never used it. I will be the first to pack that baby up to drop off at Goodwill or it’s going in the trash! The freedom that comes from not living in a cluttered space is amazing! And, I love organizing as well. I am constantly thinking about different ways that I could organize this or that in order for it flow & work more effectively. Read Tidying up or check out the Netflix series to get your motivation rolling on this topic!

So that’s a little sneak peak about me & of course I’ll be sharing more with you throughout my Podcast so jump on over and start listening lady! Insert Greatest Showman “This is Me” song, who else is in LOVE with this song?!!? ( Me!!!)