Work with Crystal


One thing I know to be true, is that we did NOT get this way over night. For most of us, we have been addicted to sugar/food/ emotional or binge eating for YEARS!! This 1:1 coaching program is NOT meant for a quick fix, but it is intended for a lasting transformation and that is why it is a 3 month minimum. If you can not commit to 3 months then this is not the program for you! We will do a weekly one hour Zoom conference call to include coaching and typically some breathwork to guide you to a lasting change. Weekly you will have video modules that cover the lessons, journal prompts and breathwork/ meditation audios. Throughout the week you will have unlimited access to me for questions, guidance and anything else that comes up for you during out time together.

My mission for the 3 months of us working together is that

  • You will have built the foundation blocks for you to change your relationship with food, boycotted the “diet” mentality and trust yourself around food again
  • You will no longer “need” sugar/ sweets/ food in order to survive your day
  • You will be able to live a life connected and aligned with who you desire to be and know the tools to use to allow yourself to live this way
  • You will have deepened your faith with the Lord, releasing control and surrendering/trusting His plan for your life.
  • You have a toolbox of simple tools that you can easily integrate into your daily life to continue your transformational journey
  • You utilize the power of breath in changing your relationship to food, changing your mental state, releasing anxiety, releasing past emotions
  • You will look back after the 3 months and think “Why in the world did I wait this long to begin this work?!”

3 Month 1:1 Coaching includes 

  • 1 hour weekly coaching call via Zoom
  • Unlimited Voxer or Messenger support
  • Weekly Audio Breathwork/ Meditations
  • Journal prompts to support the topic for the week to dig deeper and to ensure clarification of the material
  • Video lessons on the weekly topic
  • Minimum 3 month contract

Fill out the application below and I will connect with you to see if we are a great fit!


Interested in having Crystal as a guest speaker for your team or group?

Crystal specializes in coaching women to a lasting transformation through ending their battle with food, emotional eating, binge eating and sweets while deepening their faith. She is a certified Hungry for Happiness Coach and Pause Breathwork Facilitator. She always brings her abundant energy, her coaching knowledge and simple tools to guide your team/group to begin their transformational journey to changing their relationship to food while deepening their faith with Christ.

She enjoys speaking on a wide range of topics related to food, body, mind and faith. A few options include, but are not limited to….

  • How to end the fight with food
  • How to implement the knowledge you know and start living in alignment
  • How to live your life from a place of love, growth, expansion instead of fear and in chaos
  • How to use the power of breath to shift your mental state, connect with God, reduce anxiety, release built up emotions
  • How the struggle with food/cravings/ binge/emotional eating is holding you back from showing up as the Mom, wife, co-worker, friend, sister, etc that God created you to be
  • And she is open to a topic that would be more specific to your group

Check out the link below to fill out the application!